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Wednesday morning deadline thread

There was no update on the Bulls' pursuit of Tracy McGrady's expiring contract this morning, and it seems more and more like their interest at all is a bit overstated, and more like a final leverage push from the Rockets to try and get the Knicks to offer up better draft compensation than they had been.

Can't find anything new elsewhere, either, except that the Bulls are looking to move Jannero Pargo. Always doin favors, these Bulls, like signing Pargo in the first place.

McGraw has a good summary of the past day, and Doug Thonus is bracing himself for nothing much, though he also thinks Salmons will opt-out of his deal anyway. That'd still be a pain to worry about the rest of this year, and I'm still fairly confident that the Bulls feel the same way.

At least we know with the deadline fast approaching, Jerry Reinsdorf is paying his true love.