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BaB at the ASG (presented by T-Mobile): NBA Jam Session

This post is sponsored by T-Mobile

Not much time to get this up, I kindof botched my plan for the day when seeing an incorrect schedule for the Horse game. So I'm going to try and go to that before All-Star Saturday Night at the Arena.

The NBA Jam session is a complete zoo. There are equal parts for a basketball spectator as well as participator. About a dozen different areas exclusively for playing basketball, and nearly every one was packed with kids (and a few non-kids). That's complemented by things like video game booths, historical exhibits, stuff to buy, and autograph tables (complete with long-as-hell-lines).

Scattered throughout the various courts there were NBA players, so I saw Brandon Jennings (very smooth on the microphone) encourage some kids shooting competition, and Dwight Howard lead a practice drill for another set of youths. Then there was of course the random sightings, though unlike the hotel there are few secrets, as the current NBA players get absolutely mobbed by fans.

Though I didn't have access to the main court for the All-Star practice, later in the day it opened up for the D-League All-Star game (and later: Horse!). Definitely was a game played harder than most exhibitions, given the scouts and executives in attendance, which then wound up drawing my eye moreso than the NBA hopefuls. Also interesting to see the who's who of NBA internet scribes, though that's probably just of interest to me.

For some pictures and other updates from the Jam Session, check out the twitter feed. I'll try and get them up on the site sometime this weekend.