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BaB at the ASG (presented by T-Mobile): Dallas is full of snow and tall people

First thing you see when you walk into my hotel. That and the groupies.
First thing you see when you walk into my hotel. That and the groupies.

[Before I get to my ASG post, lots of discussion happening at BlogABull in my absence: trade rumors for Tyrus to Portland, to the Knicks, Amare talks, Deng being in play, etc. Be checking those sidebars frequently...]

This post is sponsored by T-Mobile

I hope people have been following (and enjoying) the twitter feed today and continue to do so throughout the weekend, as I'm not sure how much special alone time I'll have with my laptop in comparison to crazy running around with the cell. 

(this is where I'd go into praising my new T-Mobile MyTouch, but I just got the thing and it's charging. I'm sure it's the greatest device ever. At least it certainly looks pretty)

This has already been the most insane congregation of people I've ever been a part of.  I'm hangin around with Andrew Sharp of, and T-Mobile set us up in a seemingly important hotel, as there are NBA types everywhere. We walk right in and...look, there's Dominique Wilkins taking pictures, Bill Walton eating lunch, Chris Mullin coming out of the gift shop, Allan Houston with a group in a booth...Bill Russell, Rick Fox (heh, step down from the previous name, I know), and BJ Armstrong (here with Team Rose?).

Haven't seen any of the current All-Stars yet, though Andrew claimed he saw Billups and Chris Paul. But it's not even just about the people you recognize. Everyone is freakishly tall and you assume they're affiliated with the game in some way. Are they former players? D-Leaguers? Entourage members that played some college ball? I only wish I was of their stature, as I think it'd be much easier to play myself off as rich dude.

I held off on the candid photography for the time being, maybe I'll get braver as time wears on. The interesting thing about having so many famous (or, as I've noticed, maybe possibly famous) people around is that they're mostly left alone, so I sort of took that as a cue.

So far my only encounter has been with the long admired (and oftentimes punching bag) Sam Smith. We must've been on the same flight as I saw him in baggage claim upon arriving in (snow-covered, ugh) Dallas. Introduced myself and the site, and he seemed to recognize it though didn't give an opinion on my work (wishful thinking that he was a closet fan, heh). Proud to say I was the first to inform him of today's big rumor, and hopefully I catch up with him later in the weekend so we can talk Bulls.

So far, as expected, I've not been given any credentials to the events. But I do have my tickets and will be leaving for the rookie game (starring Taj!) in a bit. Look to here, my twitter feedand to Andrew's stuff throughout tonight and the weekend.