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Rose injures hip in Bulls loss to Magic

[UPDATE by your friendly BullsBlogger, 02/11/10 12:25 PM CST:  Rose MRI shows no significant injury, and he's heading to Dallas.]

Nothing to say about the game, when Rose and Noah don't play, that's a pretty expected result.

The big news is Derrick Rose leaving the game in the 1st quarter, falling hard after a foul by Dwight Howard. The price of those FTAs we all clamor for, I guess.

KC Johnson with the latest report I could find:

Rose retreated to the locker room, where initial X-rays were negative. Athletic trainer Fred Tedeschi said the team still hasn't ruled out a fracture completely but that it looks unlikely.

Rose left the United Center before game's end to get an MRI on his hip and didn't address reporters.

Neither Tedeschi nor coach Vinny Del Negro would speculate on Rose's status for this weekend's All-Star festivities. Rose is scheduled to defend his Skills Challenge title Saturday night and participate in his first All-Star Game on Sunday.

"I've seen these contusions go both ways," Tedeschi said. "If there isn't much inflammation, we can be optimistic. If there are things going on in the MRI, we'll deal with them."

Here's to hoping Rose can still make the All-Star weekend, we need him hanging with the stars of the league, telling them how neato it is to be a Chicago Bull.

In other news, here's the latest on the Tyrus Thomas trade front.