Thibs' stubbornness hurting Bulls. Start Korver.

There was one play during the start of the third quarter against the Celtics that really summed up how badly the Bulls need to address the two spot. The Bulls were down 5 and Derrick Rose was sprinting down the floor who found a wide open Keith Bogans in the corner for three... and he bricked it! Wide open! The Celtics went back up by 7 and never looked back from there.

''Right now, collectively, we're not playing well,'' Thibodeau said Saturday night before the Bulls defeated the Houston Rockets at the United Center.


''You can't look at any one particular guy and say that's the guy that's not playing well. As a group, we're not playing well. To put it on Carlos or any one guy, that's not the case. Collectively, we're not playing well.''

Really? You can't? Why not?

Bogans is averaging 4.3 points and has connected on only 14 of 52 three-pointers (27 percent).,CST-SPT-bullnt1205.article

Part of me is wondering if Thibs' heart is still in Boston with all the hugs and love or respect he shows his former employee. There must be a point and time when you let go of all that. You're the coach of the Chicago Bulls and you're 0-2 against the Celtics. Sad because around here we don't like Boston. I know I don't. I get it Thibs they really did you right in Boston so maybe you don't have motivation to wanna claw the Celtics to death. Fine. I saw that presser after the game with the media, you couldn't wait to get back and see some of your old buddies.

But Thibs is getting a pass right now.

Thanks to Derrick Rose.

Lets face it you're judged ultimately by how you play against the best and the Bulls have clearly failed both tests badly. Sure they can make excuses for the schedule being shit and the refs really blowing big calls but as Noah says the NBA is ruthless.

Thibs needs to hold players accountable for their play. I love defense myself and loved the hiring of Thibs but his ego and buddy system is wrong. It's a pretty interesting mix of players.. Thibs has Bogans and Scal, Lucas. Boozer has his guys with Korver, Brewer.

I'm not completely sold on this roster. While it's clearly deeper than last season it seems to be defensive heavy and one dimensional.

Thats on Paxson and it's something he'll need to address during the trade deadline. This isn't a finished product.

So for now I think I'll piggyback off Doug Thonus... Start Korver.

Why not? Why is Bogans getting so much burn anyways? Korver is clearly a weaker defender but what do you have to lose? Defensively the Bulls have really struggled anyways. Offensive droughts really hurt the Bulls in the past two losses.

I realize Korver is going to get abused by the likes of Durrant or Kobe but until they find a better option at the two I'll take more offensive production with Kover.

Tom it's time to be proactive.

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