14-Game Win Streak, Baby!

With our exceedingly encouraging circus trip (although I'm still smarting about the Denver game) and encouraging news about Carlos Boozer's return, I'm gearing up for a great season. Unfortunately, we're in the middle of a rough section of the schedule- Orlando Wednesday, at Celtics Friday, followed by the Thunder and the Lakers as two of our next four games (fortunately, both of those are at home.) While I'm not counting us out of any of those games, I'm calling right now that after that game, we will go on a 14-game win streak. Look at this schedule:

Sat, Dec 11
Mon, Dec 13

Wed, Dec 15

Sat, Dec 18

Tue, Dec 21

Wed, Dec 22

Sat, Dec 25

Sun, Dec 26

Tue, Dec 28

Fri, Dec 31


Sat, Jan 1

Tue, Jan 4

Wed, Jan 5

Fri, Jan 7

The only teams that are even vaguely threatening in that 14-game run are the Pacers and the Bucks, and we get both of those teams at home. Even after this run, we still have mostly crappy teams sprinkled with the harder teams. Given that we've played the league's toughest schedule thus far, we're definitely due. With Boozer coming back and Rose as hot as he is, we will absolutely sweep these crappy teams and become the talk of the league going into the new year.

Bank on it.

PS. After I posted this, I read the comments on Matt's thread about Saturday night's victory, and saw that JockstrapNoah posted about this same stretch of the schedule. Just want to give credit where credit is due, and say that I did not see that line series of comments before writing this piece.

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