How will Derrick Rose and Boozer Mesh in the Pick and Roll?

I am very excited for Carlos Boozer to return to the line up and make his season debut as a Chicago Bull. It's realistic to expect for Carlos to be rusty and will probably need some games to gel with his team mates and adjust with a new coaching staff and system.

"Him (Boozer) and Derrick are going to be really, really tough in the pick-and-roll," Korver said.

Kyle Korver and most people believes that Derrick and Boozer will be deadly on the court together, especially in the pick and roll. I'm a little bit skeptical because I look at Rose as a scoring guard more than a set up guard. I'm not saying that Derrick is unable to play in the pick and roll, but he hasn't had the type of player like Boozer's caliber to play the P&R with.  In theory, Derrick should generate more assist playing with Boozer, but can he maintain his points production and continue his MVP type play?

What worries me is once Derrick gets around the key, he doesn't roam the paint enough looking to set up anyone. In my observation, Derrick mostly is in attack mode to the basket or for a drive and kick. I'm afraid that he's going to miss easy opportunities to get a Boozer assist and that might make Boozer less excited to play with the Bulls. Will he start to miss passes from Deron Williams because D Rose can't thread the needle like Deron can? Also, will Carlos Boozer get in the way of Derrick Rose when he penetrates? Will Derrick stop penetrating as much because Boozer is camping in the paint?

Although, Boozer and Noah are great passers, it will be interesting to see Coach Thib's floor spacing with Noah, Boozer, Deng, and Rose on the floor. Will we see more of Noah and Boozer setting a double pick up top for Rose to penetrate and kick the ball out to Booz for a mid range jump shot while Noah rolls to the basket for a rebound or the traditional pick and roll with Rose and Boozer? With Boozer pounding the ball down low, that should open up our spot up shooters for buckets from downtown. Boozer is also a decent passer that it should benefit a cutting Deng; I just wish that Deng would finish strong at the basket. With Boozer pounding the ball inside, how will Rose play off the ball? Will Rose just stand around waiting for the ball to come back his way or will we see a lob pass from Boozer for a Derrick signature dunk?

Since we have yet to see Derrick and Boozer play together, one final thought I have is, whose game will be more affected in a positive or negative way between Rose and Boozer?

Boozer to Practice Monday

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