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Nuggets 98, Bulls 97

Ugh, that hurts. Sort of typifies Carmelo Anthony, if it wasn't for his overall play in the game (and his supposed clutch time in the 4th), the Nuggets wouldn't need him to hit a game-winner. But he did.

I had a bunch of smarmy remarks ready about CJ Watson derailing Derrick Rose's MVP campaign with the show he put on in Rose's stead tonight, but now it's no time to be funny. And I resent Anthony most for that. 

You can also point to the curious decision by Thibodeau to have John Lucas III, signed off the street that afternoon and not having shot a FT in the NBA since 2007, inbound the ball with the Bulls up 1 and the Nuggets needing to foul. Lucas missed both (fairly badly) and the Nuggets were able to give Anthony two chances to win: one was awful and could've been called an offensive foul, the second (with the Bulls not trapping him, oddly) earned him his faux-superstar label.

It's overall still an era of good feelings for the Bulls. Without Rose they still took a good team, on the road, to the brink. But that final shot will sting, this was a Bulls victory in hand.