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On the eve of the Circus Trip, Bulls positioned as best they can

Was only able to half-watch Saturday night's win (and even then had enough eye-rollers courtesy of Neil Funk) but it was, like Thursday, a gift of the schedule that the Bulls properly took care of.

And that's not to be dismissed as ordinary, a good team wins comfortably against that caliber (both in talent and possible tiredness), it seems completely different from a team that would lose a 35-point lead to the Kings. And in the case of that Thursday game against the Warriors: when playing well not just winning comfortably but completely blowing them out. The Bulls didn't play as well offensively against the Wizards, but they did follow a remarkable defensive trend: simultaneously forcing a very high number of turnovers while not fouling.

It's a credit to Thibodeau that the D is playing this well, and he's also conditioned the offense to run often off of these turnovers, which has helped the offense been the best it's looked in years. Take a look at the Bulls pace and efficiency: it's been a great start to the season. Both Rose and Noah have shown incremental improvement, Taj Gibson has been phenomenal, Luol Deng's hitting 3s, and even an early-season worry at SG has looked stronger as of late: Ronnie Brewer has gotten more active by the game, and Bogans has gotten back to serviceable. Thibodeau's even rectified some rotation questions by playing Asik over Kurt Thomas, and not playing Scal at all.

Of course, any early numbers can fluctuate (a 30-pt. blowout win helps), but at 5-3 and the only 'bad' loss looking just like an unlucky night, the Bulls have done what they could to both mitigate future damage caused by this road trip as well as seemingly best prepare themselves to win some of these games.

Not that it doesn't mean bad times aren't still likely to be ahead for the next couple weeks. Not only facing the 3 Texas teams, the Lakers and the Nuggets, even the easier opponents in that stretch (Suns and Kings) are on the second nights of back-to-backs. Expectations should stay low: staying competitive will be a good sign, and any victory will be fantastic. Remember, last season's Circus trip wasn't just full of losses, the Bulls were getting consistently blown out. This team looks too good for that.