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A couple Bulls-Wiz links: Hinrich's return, Rose vs. Wall, 'JOMER'

Yes, I cheered Kirk Hinrich on his initial return. I also cackled and yelled 'Hin-brick' when he shot in the second half. It was supposed come off as ironically fervent, but likely instead just came across as coming from someone who treats preseason (and Friday, at that) as an excuse to drink more while in attendance.

What I didn't do is chant for Scal to come in. That needs to be stopped immediately.

Only other observation is that John Wall looked bigger than Rose, which is scary. Less scary was he didn't look nearly as good.

Some other stuff from people who paid attention, namely ESPNChicago with two amusing stories from the night, one on Hinrich's return (Hinrich on VDN saying his name: "Some people just can't say it correctly, I guess") and another on Noah and Asik getting along.