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Preseason preview and open game thread #1: Bulls at Milwaukee Bucks

And it's back. Sortof. I assume the vitriol, passion, and poor grammar of the traditional BaB game thread will take a couple weeks to mold into regular season form. But still, it's a good feeling.

Bulls open their preseason in Milwaukee to face their likely best competition in the Central Division, the Bucks.

Unfortunately for both sides (and for us), lots of names are out. We already know about Boozer and Ronnie Brewer being out for the Bulls, and CSNChicago's Aggrey Sam reported this afternoon that Bogut, Maggette, and Salmons are out for the Bucks.

So it's Rose/Bogans/Deng/Taj/Noah to start. Just what we envisioned when gearing up for the summer of 2010...well at least we get to see Korver, Watson, Asik, and Thibodeau for the first time.

7pm on CSN.