BaB Game Previews are back!

That's right: since I don't much like writing them, and feel that not many people read them anyway, it's another season of outsourced game previews to you, the BaB reader. I thought it went pretty well last year, so lets keep with the same format:

I'm going to 'release' games a week at a time, so sign up first-come-first-serve at this google spreadsheet:

(can't hyperlink else the spam-bots get to it, so copy/paste that in your browser)

For those that are new: You sign up, then the day of the game (early better than later) you write your preview as a fanpost. It's promoted to the main page after I translate it to English.

FanPosts are user-created posts from the BlogABull community, and are to be treated as the opinions and views of that particular user, not that of the blogger or blog community as a whole.