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Bulls make cuts to 13, plus stuff on James Johnson, watchability, and more LINKS

Biggest news today was the Bulls trimming the roster, requesting waivers on John Lucas, Roger Powell (forgot he hadn't been cut yet), and Kyle Weaver. That puts the roster at 13, and means another signing is almost likely.

Interesting that the Bulls are now without an emergency PG, and some would say they don't even have a backup. Lots of decent-enough players remain unsigned, Eric Dampier has yet to make a choice, and there's always time to burn the Rudy Fernandez oil again, right?

Another roster decision is coming up at the end of the month, and that's whether to pick up the 2011-12 option on James Johnson. The Suns made news today by saying they will not be doing the same for their '09 draftee Earl Clark, who joins a pretty exclusive group. Jimmy Johns has looked decent at times this preseason, and while I still doubt he'll ever hone his game enough to be a counted-upon role player, his option for that season is only ~$1.83m, and at the very least could be a pseudo-expiring contract for that year.

Some links:

  • SBNation's own Mike Prada brings back his Watchability Scale for the new year, the way of which he ranks who to watch on the ol' League Pass. I'll spare you some suspense: unlike last year, the Bulls are not absolute dead last (and I may be biased since I 'had' to watch them, but it was accurate)
  • ESPN the Magazine had a cool concept for their NBA preview that included enlisting Marvel Comics to create an appropriate cover for each team
  • NBA Playbook goes way in-depth to see how the Bulls have fared in picking up Thibodeau's pick/roll defense in the preseason.