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Ignored Destruction in Orlando, Monday practice injuries, and more links

Saturday night's result could've been seen so far away that even I saw it. Just a bad set of circumstances, starting with the game not counting and all. And since I can work in a theory that nicely coincides with selective laziness, since I didn't watch the game I will choose to pretend it didn't happen. Bulls by the Horns questions the effort (with help from Rose doing the same), but to me it's extremely rare when I believe this team isn't trying. Heck, they tried for Vinny Del Negro: it's that type of roster the Bulls put together.

The night before in Dallas didn't end with a victory but I thought there were moments where the offense didn't just look good, but fantastic. With Boozer out, this really at times becomes the democratic ball-movement orgy that Bulls braintrust idealizes. It'll be sporadically effective, but when it's working it looks good: especially with Luol Deng and Keith Bogans hitting as many 3-pointers as they have been.

What is of tangible concern was Taj Gibson missing both weekend games, but he returned to practice today and the idea that this was tied to his foot troubles last year was downplayed throughout. But is that better that he has two separate instances of foot trouble? Likely not, and big man health will be a big story pretty much all year.

And to add to that story, Kyle Korver sat out today's practice with an ankle injury. So that's great.