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Links: Bulls trounce Raptors, Thibodeau praise, 'Once Brothers', More NBA previews

Only caught the first half of Tuesday's destruction of the Raptors. Bulls looked excellent on both ends, and an especially pleasant surprise offensively.

And while, 'it's the Raptors' is easy to say (and I said it during the game), beating up on them is certainly better than the alternative. Preseason doesn't matter that much, but looking bad in preseason against a bad team would mean something. To see a Boozer-less team be so dominant is at the least a good sign.

Better and more comprehensive coverage here, here, and here. Lots of praise for the new Thibodeau offense, being that it actually looks like an offense. And with our new coach also being able to expertly communicate about the game, I'm afraid I'll be lacking for easy material all season.

A couple other more random things: