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Bulls not investigating Boozer injury, and who will be the Bulls captains?

The patented KC Johnson cold-water toss (with signature bucket):

"It's a non-issue to us," Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said.

Since Boozer suffered the fractured fifth metacarpal at home on a day off, only he knows what happens for sure. He told team officials the injury occurred the same way he told reporters. Since neither the team nor media witnessed the incident, it's next to impossible to find evidence to discount Boozer's story.

(some credit to Sam Smith for denouncing it first, ironically calling it a 'media fabrication' in a column full of them...)

That's fine. I was fine with them investigating, fine with them not. Not so cool by the New York Daily News for making it up, unless this is all a nice spin job and the Bulls are still looking into it internally. Which is, again, fine by me.

In similarly interesting-but-not-really-news, noticed that (via BulletsForever) the Wizards are all but officially making Hinrich and John Wall their captains. Not only does Kirk get to keep his nickname, but the designation for Wall is in contrast to the Bulls captaincy, which has yet to be held by Derrick Rose.

You'd think Rose would have to be for this season, right?

Not only is Hinrich gone from candidacy (though I would not be shocked if he was still somehow Bulls team captain despite not being on the team anymore), but perhaps the entire system of naming the captains has changed with a new coaching regime. The past couple coaches has let the team nominate and decide, but we don't know if Thibodeau will just take control on this one. Maybe his job is made easier by (you'd hope) figuring that Rose and Noah are acting as leaders, and no veterans are around to claim the job, including the guy who's out all of camp.