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Training camp links to ease into the weekend: end of scrap, talk from Deng, Thomas, Bogans (and more)

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First and most important, this bullet from Mike McGraw delights me to no end:

The era of the scrappy, undersized Bulls is officially over.

McGraw mostly means this as a function of size (big at SG, big-man depth) but it's also one of raised talent. Nothing wrong with professing the virtues of working hard and precisely executing, of course, but it's a better situation to have the ability to overcome the inevitable lapses on those fronts.

Your training camp Q&As of the day.: ChicagoNow in the media scrum with Luol Deng, and with Kurt Thomas and Keith Bogans. Those latter two links courtesy of new Bulls blog The Chicago Bulls Insight.

And finally, while they may no longer be scrappy, WSCR's Dan Bernstein puts out the theory that they may be the sentimental challenger to Miami, combining quality and big-market appeal. I wouldn't be easy to dismiss Orlando in that role just because they're in Orlando, but the Bulls could be right up there. Not that it makes one feel much better if they lost.