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Bobcats 113, Bulls 108: Only the Bulls can stop Derrick Rose

Pace Eff eFG FT/FG OREB% TOr
Chicago 100.0 108.0 55.4% 17.9 23.7 18.0
Charlotte 113.0 56.6% 35.5 3.1 13.0


(is that OREB% correct? wow)

Charlotte is around the same level as the Bulls, and with them at home and the Bulls playing the night before, it's not a surprising loss.

What is alarming is the Bulls still being clueless in late-game situations. It looks like the pattern will be being terrible for 40 minutes and then hope Derrick Rose bails them out (until Rose's recent surge, it was just 48 terrible minutes). That's fine, superstars bail out bad teams (and organizations) all the time.

But after scoring several baskets upon entering the game midway through the fourth, Rose was unable to get a chance to follow through with the comeback. Some of it was his own doing, with lazy passes (and an iffy offensive foul) earning him 3 TOs in that final stint (I believe these were called BG TOs from commenters way back when?). And the Bobcats did make a good adjustment replacing DJ Augustin in the lineup and more effectively trapping Rose up top. Though it helped the 'cats cause with the Bulls lack-of-adjustments, always sending Noah up to screen and bringing an extra defender for Rose to go through...

What happened afterwards was worse, though. Rose took 2 shots in the final 3:30, one of those being a desperation 3-pointer after Salmons was caught in the air and passed him the ball in the final possession. Salmons managed to miss another three in that same possession, and it's pretty safe to say the Bulls should try and avoid 3-point deficits. 

But it's more than who shot the ball as it is the plays that were run, where Rose was not only not shooting but not even the focal point. There was a TO by Salmons where Rose handed him the ball and got out of the way, and later on an inbounds VDN had Derrick Rose inbound the ball. He found the anti-clutch Kirk Hinrich, who was so wide open (or just choked) he hesitated before leaving a 10-foot jumper short.

KC Johnson asked VDN post-game about the success of some of those plays, loading the question (naturally, ugh) by saying they were open shots, so they couldn't have been all bad. Vinny agreed. Not a problem in philosophy, except the Bulls miss a lot of open shots. That's why they find themselves in situations where Rose has to do everything himself. At the very least, let him do it.