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Thunder 98, Bulls 85: oh no, we suck again

Pace Eff eFG FT/FG OREB% TOr
Oklahoma City 92.0 106.5 53.7% 12.2 32.5 21.7
Chicago 92.4 36.9% 12.1 41.7 15.2

Alright, forget whatever I wrote about Rose's new mentality and how he'd singlehandedly take the Bulls on his back nightly. Of course, it's unfair to expect it every game, but with him shooting 9-20 and only attempting one free-throw in 36 minutes, the Bulls reverted back (after a very good first quarter) to being the eyesore offense we've seen most of this season.

Thabo Sefolosha is a good defender, and his length can particularly bother Rose's sometimes suspect handles, but the quickness advantage wasn't exploited, and there's no excuse for him not to score for 2 and a half quarters. Except the excuse of his coach not making any adjustments to help him get open, I suppose. Rose, entering in the fourth with his team down 14, provided a brief glimpse of hope with several baskets, and nearly missed a layup that would've cut the lead to 8. But afterwards and after those baskets he simply wasn't getting the ball enough late, taking two more attempts in the final 4+ minutes.

That last part being especially curious since these same teammates seemed afraid to shoot for most of the game. I know Tyrus Thomas was terrible shooting tonight (3-12), but at least he was trying to provide offense, in with lineups of guys afraid to shoot at all (not that he had good selection either). Brad Miller was especially guilty of this, looking like he was taking tonight off. John Salmons always passes up open looks for tougher ones. Taj is actually rarely afraid to shoot, though I think he had 12 straight attempts blocked under the rim (sometimes by the rim itself). Honestly, with Rose drifting until the game was nearly out of hand, Kirk Hinrich was their best perimeter player tonight (Noah with another solid game too, but limited to 30 minutes due to foul trouble).

Unfortunately that's what on Rose's shoulders with this offensive cast, and tonight he couldn't sustain his increased efficiency of the previous few games. I'm not pointing this out to knock his inability to do so tonight, but to say the team's offense almost always requires him to do so. Vinny post-game lamented the Bulls inability to make shots, as if a good offense is entirely serendipitous. With Rose not dynamically altering opposing defenses, the Bulls have no answers, certainly not from the coach.