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This road to mediocrity less boring with this Rose

The big story* coming out of the Bulls win against Orlando is the sudden willingness of Derrick Rose to attack the rim and draw fouls. He's had 26 FTAs in the past three games, and it's had a measured difference in his efficiency, with a TS% over 55%, downright respectable given the company he usually keeps in that stat category.

With 3-point range looking nowhere close to happening, getting fouled is the best way for Rose to get better on the offensive end, and while Rose is saying the right things in terms of his mindset, he's said them before. He's doing it now.

And it really changes the way to watch Bulls games if he is truly taking over the team. It not only makes the team better, but less boring, bringing the offense up just enough to where (now with a full squad) their defense can help keep games close. I figured with Orlando playing the night before, Saturday night's contest would be perhaps competitive, but it felt even better than that: the Bulls looked downright good against great opposition.

Though Orlando notoriously lets point guards thrive, and the other two opponents are just bad, it's still encouraging.  So let's see if it holds up in the next game, the Thunder are in the top half of the league in fouling rate, but Russell Westbrook at least has the athletic gifts to match up well with Rose.

The opposition shouldn't matter, really. Rose has a physical advantage over nearly everyone at his position, that's what makes him special and stuff. It looked like a mental hesitation (the ankle excuse had to be gone in week three, from where this non-doctor sits) more than anything, and if something has clicked it'll be interesting to watch how high he can carry this team, though one that doesn't quite fit him offensively and will never actually be efficient. But at least less agonizing to watch?

*[Tyrus getting 15 minutes and sitting the last 11 of the game is not really news, nor unexpected. VDN doesn't trust him to let him play, nicely coinciding with the Org. not trusting him to commit financially long-term. I tried not to get excited over his nice first few games back, and I think it worked as I wasn't too bummed (more bemused) at the predictable benching. He'll continue to play at least significant minutes and hopefully he'll contribute instead of sulk, and gets his opportunity elsewhere. For this year, he's the wild one (yes, the leaning jumpers are 'bad shots', but every jumper that doesn't go in is bad to Neil and Stacy, and overall the good outweighs the bad) and Taj is 'just short of brilliant', and that's the way it is for an Org. that hates talent.]