Bulls turn down Celtics 'spare parts' for Hinrich

Buried in another fanshot link posted today:

There are still two titles to be won [before 2011-12], and certain teams will throw caution to the wind to win them," a team executive said. "If you're the Celtics, are you going to worry about your future? What you're probably going to focus on is the here and now."

That's why the Celtics made a run last month at acquiring Kirk Hinrich, who has three years (including this season) and $26.5 million left on his contract, an outlandish amount for someone who would be Boston's third guard. But he would have resolved all of Boston's backcourt issues while extending its defense, and so the Celtics considered offering spare parts for Hinrich before the Bulls decided they needed a high-quality player or draft pick in the exchange.

I can only assume those 'spare parts' were expiring, in which case this is a serious blunder from the Bulls standpoint. I'd clearly prefer to do the same deal with Salmons instead, but say Salmons still opts out and then him AND Hinrich's contracts are off the books? Pretty nice.

The obvious concern is team performance this season. But some of the parts aren't that terrible (of Tony Allen, Marquis Daniels, Eddie House, Shelden Williams...ok Scal is pretty awful) and if they could get the Celtics to only send the minimum necessary to get Hinrich, the Bulls could make other acquisitions and stay under the tax.

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