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Filed under: T-Mobile Player/Thing of the Week: John Salmons' 3-point shooting

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I realize these will be a lot more fun for me if I loosen the definition of what can be awarded. I think the answer will be anything, even for possibly sarcastic reasons. (Though that's not what this week's is.)

John Salmons sat out the Clippers game last week, but in the three games he did play he shot 8-14 from beyond the arc. After an abysmal start to the season (that seemed to be going around, I guess) he's at over 39%.

That's huge for not only the Bulls offense this season, but for the team's cap flexibility in the future. If Salmons can up his (mostly shallow) scoring numbers over the course of this season, he's more likely to opt-out, given that at his age it may be his last chance at a multi-year contract.