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SBN NBA Power Rankings - Bulls 22nd (and I do some reflecting)

Mike Prada's been doing entertaining work with these, and here's an example:

And you know what [a ~.500 season] means. Angry, bitter Bulls fans bitching (correctly, I might add) about their dysfunctional organization, their braindead coach, their overpaid swingman, their chucking shooting guard and their cerebral backup point guard whom the organization treats like a son. Can't wait!

Am I (and we) that predictable?

(note: I keep feeling the need to distance myself from Deng-bashers. He's not THAT overpaid, only if your team never pays the tax. whoops.)

But it does bring me to some self-reflection. I simply do not feel invested in wins and losses this season. We've had some stretches indicative of a future 'surge' to .500, and others where that turnaround seems unlikely. The Bulls may not even need to get to .500 to make the playoffs in the East, and they'll never be bad enough to tank for lottery balls, or fire their coach midseason. A low seed and first-round playoff exit (or barely missing out of the playoffs) seems so inevitable.

I don't even feel much good for the important pieces (Rose and Noah) improving, since this won't be their team or their coach for much longer. I want to see that group start to grow, not this one play out a string. And it's still fun to root for my favorite project, Tyrus Thomas, but there's always cynicism reminding me that his Bulls career is nearing an end. (UPDATE: ChicagoNow explains why)

I suppose this post has been written before, but we have some days off before a potentially terrible west coast trip, and there's time to talk it out: what are you looking for when watching the actual games? Not the speculation over the Org.'s buffoonery, or their plans in free agency, or trade ideas, but the games?

Is it wins? progress? evidence to win BaB arguments? reasons to hate Neil Funk? I see these reasons and many more as equally valid, since there's little actual relevance to what's going on the court in the big picture of championship building, when the team actually gets around to it.