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NBA Playbook - Bulls vs. Pistons

This is kindof neat, a link dropped in my mailbox from Sebastian Pruti of TrueHoop's Nets blog. It more exposes the Pistons suckage rather than the Bulls doing anything exemplary, but that's you can't get huge blowouts without the opponent helping a bit.

Not much to say about the win last night, except that it'll be a nice kick in the seat for the ol' point differential, and a necessary victory before the tough stretch begins. Certainly encouraging that it was not only a win but an absolute destruction (such a designation does matter), though I don't get why Sam Smith is so giddy: they did just lose to the Thunder, Bobcats, and Bucks last week.

Also nice that this solidifies the Pistons in such a hole that some big trades have to be coming. Not so much that I care what they do, but that I want some trade talk to distract me from the Bulls season (and their own nearly-certain lack of trade activity).