Plays for Vinny to Consider - Part 1 - The High-Post PnR, "45"

As most of us remember, this past year Vinny Del Coacho's offensive repertoire was, well, less than diverse. So, in the spirit of helping Vinny develop an offense that's suited to his player's skills, I'm going to start suggesting plays that I'd like to see out of next year's Bulls. Today's play is designed for Tyrus. Also, hat tip for this post goes to, as they provided the plays that I'm using. I'm providing the graphics (theirs are copyrighted and I think you'll enjoy mine, anyway) and the analysis of why each play makes sense for the Bulls and their personnel.

The first play comes out of the 1-4 stack set in which the 1 guard (our man, Derrick) begins at the top of the key with the ball and his 4 comrades forming what amounts to a wall between him and the basket. Why build a wall between Derrick and the basket for the defense? Because the wall isn't what it seems. There will be some quick motion that should lead to any easy bucket (the best kind) for Tyrus (who needs them as much as anyone).

So without further ado, here's the play:


The end result should look something like this:


So there you have it. That's the play. Pretty simple, right? Well, I hope to do more of these posts, complete with big head graphics. Feel free to suggest other plays for me to diagram in this manner and that you'd like to see the Bulls run next year.

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