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Bulls finally have a big man coach

This news was floated out there by Coach VDN during the summer league, but I'm not sure it was confirmed until now by Mike McGraw:

On the coaching staff, Del Harris retired and the Bulls brought in Sidney Green as a big man coach. Green was the Bulls' first-round draft pick in 1983 and stuck around for three years before being traded to Detroit for Earl Cureton.

Why Green? That's a good question. He spent 10 seasons as a head coach at the college level, at Southampton, North Florida and Florida Atlantic. He was an assistant at Indiana during Mike Davis’ final season in 2005-06.

During his 10 seasons an NBA player, I don't remember Green as a classic big man, but more of an athletic power forward with a face-up jumper. Maybe that doesn't matter, since the Bulls' only true low-post center is Aaron Gray.

There are a couple of connections with the current Bulls. Green played with Vinny Del Negro in San Antonio for part of the 1992-93 season. He also knows Joakim Noah very well, because his son Taurean was Noah’s teammate on Florida's two championship teams. Taurean Green played for the Bulls' Las Vegas summer league entry in July.

There has long been the idea that a contributing factor to the Bulls bigs lacking progress over the past several years was because they didn't have a big man coach, though Mike Brown was there for a half season or so. Rumor had it that Skiles didn't see the need.

And it may not help measurably, but it likely can't hurt. I know there's usually some blowback to hiring 'no-name' players as coaches, thinking that somehow Hakeem Olajuwon (and only him) can teach raw bigs his moves through osmosis. Green could be a far better coach then he was a player (and 10 seasons in the league is nothing to sneeze at), and he has more experience than Del Negro when he was hired, right?

[And as to not have any post now go without a exaggerated shot at the Org., it is kindof interesting that while the Bulls hired Green and Randy Brown to be development coaches, they didn't really hire a replacement for Del Harris, and will instead just move Pete Myers back to the front row of the bench. So coaching payroll has gone down too. ;-)]