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Your Omer Asik update

Future 2010 free agency haul Omer Asik was mentioned earlier in the week here as a participant in the current Eurobasket tournament.

It was enough to see that he was able to play, since he suffered a major knee injury shortly after the Bulls drafted him in '08. But after a couple nondescript performances, Asik had a real nice game against Poland, matched up against Marcin Gortat of the Magic. 22 points on 10-11 shooting.

You can see some highlights here, and some scouting praise from Frank Madden of BrewHoop (watching his guy Ersan Ilyasovahere. (and I look forward to The Painted Area's future recap)

While nearly every team has a foreign draftee stashed away, Paxson traded three 2nd rounders to move up for this guy, which does raise the stakes on his development somewhat.