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Be an NBA GM with PASPN

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UPDATE: 2nd league has been added.

[Note by your friendly BullsBlogger]: This is a sponsored post. As in, I got paaaaaaid. Rest assured that such funds are mine alone and won't be trickled down to you, dear reader, in any way whatsoever. However, whatever fun this service provides (and it does sound fun) to those who sign up is totally theirs, and some would say that 'fun' is the most valuable currency of all.

PASPN takes fantasy basketball to another dimension. Instead of allowing you to merely draft players, it adds much more complexity in an attempt to put you in the shoes of an actual NBA GM.

Here's how the GM portion works:

There will be 30 General Manager spots available: one for each NBA franchise. Since this is a new league, we will start by taking over each team's existing contracts. After that, it's up to you to re-tool your team via trades, draft picks, and free agent signings to form the best team that you can. Since PASPN leagues are governed by the rules of the NBA's collective bargaining agreement (CBA), the Mock GM game mixes fantasy basketball playing with the realities of the business of the NBA.

Once the NBA regular season begins, we will compete in an 18-week Head-to-Head season, where each team has a new opponent every week. You start 8 players (PG, SG, SF, PF, C, UTIL, UTIL, UTIL), and whoever scores more fantasy points wins the matchup. The scoring system is based on's Efficiency rating: ((PTS + TRB + AST + STL + BLK) - ((FGA - FGM) + (FTA - FTM) + TOV )). The top 16 teams qualify for the Playoffs, which take place during the final 4 weeks of the regular season.

In addition to the GM game, PASPN has another game simulating the live of an NBA agent, here's how that portion works:

As an NBA Agent, your goal is to make sure your clients needs are being answered whether they are a free agent and in need of a new contract or looking to get bought out of their existing contract.  The GMs have to negotiate with them, to sign free-agents, or to get buyouts approved.
The agents are ranked based on the size of the contracts they're able to get for their contracts and the performance of the players during the regular season.  Only points earned when a player is part of the GM's roster count towards the Agents rankings, so there is incentive for the Agents to place their clients in situations where they'll see playing time.

The official BlogABull league has 30 GM spots (for 30 teams, naturally) available in total. So sign up, or if you miss out you can get in as an agent. If there's really high demand, it's possible new GM leagues will open for this site.

Will I join? No. I don't even play 'normal' fantasy basketball, and this seems like a whole 'nother level. I'm already stretched out in terms of intensely-nerdy-passions, least of all being this blog. But if whoever gets the Bulls in this league wants to adopt me as a owner, I'll do my best to meddle sporadically, drag my feet on decisions, and opt for the cheaper route, to help give you a more realistic experience!

This has been a sponsored post. Unless noted otherwise, no other posts at BlogABull are sponsored, unless you mean the satchels of undeclared monies sent from Ben Gordon's agent.