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Bulls sign Jannero Pargo: I'll stop mentioning him and Gordon in tandem if you do

K.C., you wily dog:

On the Wednesday Ben Gordon signed his five-year contract that could be worth up to $60 million with the Pistons, the Bulls signed Jannero Pargo to a one-year deal worth roughly $2 million to try to soften Gordon's loss.

Has anyone ever seen a $60m figure for Gordon's deal? On the Trib's own website they have an AP copy having it at $55m.

Pargo, if he is his usual Pargo self (he was worse than that on his overseas adventure last season), is a decent signing. I guess. It's one year, it's for the LLE, not much can be expected. But with the Bulls so close to the luxury tax seemingly inconsequential moves like this matter a lot. So why the rush to use what little room was left? 

Sam Smith (who says $58m for Gordon, what the hell?) makes this case:

Although it was possible higher level free agents might have slipped through the cracks without offers and become available later in the summer, the Bulls apparently decided to go with Pargo as a solid scorer and big shot maker who was familiar with the team and a personality who would fit well off the court as well. The team is believed to have talked with several free agent guards, though most wanted more money than the $1.99 exception. Apparently, the Bulls decided not to risk losing one of the players they were interested in, like Pargo, while waiting for someone of perhaps a higher value to end up without a contract later in the summer.

Well, that's just full of odd implications. 

Why would the Bulls be especially interested in Pargo? If one can't get worked up over the signing one way or the other, why do it now? Like Sam gleefully pointed out in a piece he wrote earlier in the week, all sorts of free agents will be taking less money than expected this year as the offseason drags on.

I hope the reasoning behind not 'losing out' on Pargo isn't because such a signing could make us think we're getting the value version of Gordon. Someone who not only was 'familiar with the team' but who fans were familiar with as well.

Hey fans, remember his hot shooting nights, including the heartbreaking playoff loss to the Wizards in '05?!?!

I more remember Pargo for the term 'Pargo Time', a point in a Bulls game where Skiles would basically use Pargo as his hail mary pass before entirely giving up. Extra-small ball. It sucked.