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Update on Gordon's Pistons contract

Doug Thonus of ChicagoNow has it at 5/$58 with incentives, starting at $10m next year.

Do we trust Doug's scoop? Meh, I guess. There was this report from a couple weeks ago that has the contract for less, but that was out before it was even official.

And two things from the blog post that I have to comment on:

I loved Ben Gordon at 9 million per year. At 11.6 million per year with incentives...I'm not so sure.

Right, because with that extra couple million you can get guys like Jannero Pargo.

Value doesn't win, production wins. It doesn't matter if Kirk Hinrich (just as an example...wait, the Bulls GM's example!) has more 'value' relative for his contract (a whopping $500k less this coming season even by the 'high' estimate of Gordon's deal) if he's less productive. It matters for the ledger lines, but not on the court. Better player is better than worse player, not too complicated.

And the kicker:

I'm sad [the Bulls] passed up on him last year at 6/54, but that decision is in the past in gone. I no longer feel the need to complain about it.