Coming around on KC Johnson? (yes I'm fickle)

KC was guest-hosting for a couple days this week on WSCR. They talked baseball 90% of the time but eventually in this hour (link 12PM 7/14) the co-host throws KC some Bulls questions based on what he thinks the Bulls players feel and his own opinions of the team. Here are some good bits:

  • "Derrick Rose loved playing with Ben Gordon"
  • KC thinks that Rose-Gordon would've been a very good backcourt pairing for many years, and Gordon is the type to make Rose better as a space-the-floor shooter.
  • When asked whether Gordon's end-of-game plays should've been going to Rose, KC said Rose was getting plenty of chances for stretches of the season to end games, until he was missing shots and VDN switched up after being questioned about the strategy.
  • Thinks Kirk doesn't like being off the bench but he accepts it as a pro, and KC thinks it's a better role for Kirk and he's fresher at the end of games.
  • Thinks Luol is the key to the season. Says that Luol definitely has the demeanor (KC was asked this) to come back strong, and the most interesting interview of the playoffs was Luol defending his honor and toughness in the face of such questions. Expects Luol to have a huge season. As opposed to Rose, thought it was Deng who didn't fit well with Gordon on the court.
  • Tyrus is another misunderstood Bull. Understands and cares that they drafted at his position. According to his Bulls sources Tyrus is having a great offseason. KC agrees with the idea that Tyrus needs to abandon the idea of becoming a perimeter player.
  • KC was asked some cap-neutral trade ideas, so you get the following valuations:

    - Joakim Noah > Tyson Chandler
    - Chris Paul > Derrick Rose
    - Luol Deng > Gerald Wallace
    -Chris Andersen > Tyrus Thomas (the 'knows who he is' argument)

  • Bosh, Boozer, Stoudemire: Bosh would be his choice, but Boozer is the most likely to actually be acquired

(hat tip to my Dad who let me know about this)

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