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Bulls post-draft analysis: huh?

No trades? Pass on Dejuan Blair twice? Gar Forman looking like a zombie on national television, amazingly talking while John Paxson's lips didn't move? 

This was far from Amare.

I suppose July 1st is just around the corner...but that brings us just as close to Ben Gordon walking as it does to any blockbuster deal (after cap figures are announced, etc.).

So in the meantime, we're left with:




I will not pretend to know much about either James Johnson or Taj Gibson. But I expected more tonight. And certainly more on July 1st. Because no matter what the ESPN dopes had to say about the great Bulls first round loss, it was a loss in the first round and this team is both mediocre and dealing with a roster that's nothing short of a (fairly talented) mess.