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Bulls draft thoughts: the night before

I know this is just getting in on the hype...but I do have the feeling (and only a feeling, as I have no sources...I think you have to be nicer) something big will happen on draft night. Namely Amare.

So anything less will be a major disappointment and I'll blog-flog Gar Paxdorf continually through July 1st when Ben Gordon is a Piston. Then it'll be apocalyptic-scorched-earth-blogging (a.k.a. 'Hissy Fit 2009'). Could be fun.

But that's for later, as of now I'm still holding out hope that a major move will be made tomorrow, the first salvo in what will be the first Rose era of title contention. Do one now on his rookie deal, do one again in his prime. The Bulls are in a good spot if they are willing to pay out of some mistakes, whether they're of their own doing or ones of some other more cash-strapped team. 

If they stay the course, before and after picking #16 and #26...they'll be irretrievably average. Maybe a bit better than that only to be dragged down by the coaching. That stinks. Moving up could help, but doing something bigger would really help. And I think they have it in them, though I continually rail otherwise. Don't they? 

And though this 'major move' that I'm dreaming of doesn't have to happen tomorrow to effect next season, it seems like a logical time to do it. It's draft day! I'm excited.