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Gar Forman at the podium for pre-draft media scrum

First off, this dig from KC Johnson immediately tickled me.

The Bulls held their annual final media availability before the NBA draft with the team's general manager Monday morning, so that meant Gar Forman instead of John Paxson stood behind the podium and wouldn't reveal who they would draft.

Just kidding

Well done. I for one will never (ok, maybe sometime...eventually) get over how the Bulls previous (now promoted) GM rankled at the sight of any media obligation, with the possible exception of giving out the 47th 'Luol Deng: great man!' award of the year. No doubt that a big part of Pax's distaste for his well-paying high-profile job was dealing with the media and the dreaded 'misinformation' they churned daily.

I don't know either way if Gar Forman likes that part of the job either, but he did say a couple mildly interesting things:

On several media outlets, including the Tribune, reporting the Bulls are trying to package picks Nos. 16 and 26 and move up: "We've had some talks with teams about moving up. We've had some talks with teams about moving down. And we've had some talks with teams about moving out of the draft altogether. We have more options than some teams because we have two No. 1 picks."

On whether Ben Gordon's impending unrestricted free agency affects Thursday's draft plan: "It really doesn't. We're analyzing this draft by itself."

I'm encouraged by that Gordon answer not because it indicates any more desire to re-sign him (it seems more and more that the basketball people in The Org. are behind Gordon returning, for what that's worth), but that it acknowledges that losing him won't be fixed by the 16th pick in this draft, whoever it is.

And now I'm curious as to what sub-entity of Gar Paxdorf will be holding up jerseys after the draft...

UPDATE: MouthpieceSports video at And yes, Forman said 'process'.