How the Bulls Get Bosh and Thabeet

Alright here we go. It’s summer time so that means it’s the Bull’s off-season.  This summer will be a critical summer in determining where this franchise is heading in the future. So here I go with the first of many trade proposals.

Okay news came out today that Toronto is going to offer Chris Bosh a huge contract and if he declines (99% likely) they will trade him this summer. There have also been recent reports that the Bulls are shopping Tyrus Thomas and are looking to move up in the draft. I believe if they move up it’s to get either Hasheem Thabeet or Jordan Hill. Jordan Hill reminds me a lot of Chris Bosh so let’s just say we won’t need both Bosh and Hill. So say we’re looking to get Thabeet.

I have come up with 2 trades that get this done.

Trade for Thabeet:
We’re going to have to move up to #2 or #3 to get him. So we’re looking at dealing with the Washington Wizards or Clippers.  Let’s try to deal with the Wizards.
I offer them

Bulls Send:
Tyrus Thomas
And Kirk Hinrich


Washington Sends:
The #2 overall
Etan Thomas

Why the Bulls do this:
They get to draft Thabeet. Duh.

Why the Wizards do this:
With Gilbert Arenas constantly hurt, and no other good guard on the team Hinrich would be a much welcomed into their guard rotation. Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler are good front court players however they like Arenas get hurt quite a bit. Tyrus Thomas would inject a youthful frontcourt body into their team, and he has proven he can contribute to his team. I know you’re thinking but why won’t they want a draft pick back? Washington is an older team, they don’t have time to wait for a player develop. They are in a win-now mode. Draft Picks won’t be that helpful to them.

Trade For Chris Bosh:
This one is going to be a little different. With Toronto knowingly having to move Bosh, and the fact that will go into a rebuilding mode after they trade away their franchise player, they’re going to have to sell lower then what market value would be for a franchise player, if a team is stupid enough to trade away a franchise player.

Bulls Send:
Loul Deng
Draft Pick #16
Brad Miller
Jerome James
Tim Thomas
Anthony Roberson


Toronto Send:
Chris Bosh

Why The Bulls do this:
They get Chris Bosh. Again Duh….

Why Toronto Does This:
Bosh leaving sends Toronto into a rebuilding year. They have received 4 expiring contracts that they can use to enter the Dream Free Agent Summer of 2010 or maybe make a trade for Stoudamire at the deadline. They get Loul Deng who could be a new pivotal building block to their new team. And they get another higher draft pick at #16. They could package #16 and their #9 and maybe move up higher in the draft.

So there you go two trades that would instantly make the Bulls one of the best teams in the league. And both trades are plausible. If we hold onto our #26 pick we could use it to draft Tyler Hansbrough rough (he’s projected to go late first round). Then our team, (including a newly re-signed Ben Gordon) will look something like this.

PG Derrick Rose/Ben Gordon
SG Ben Gordon/DeMarcus Nelson
SF John Salmons/Tyler Hansbrough
PF Chris Bosh/Tyler Hansbrough/Joakim Noah
C Joakim Noah /Hasheem Thabeet/Omer Asik (If he comes to the NBA this year)

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