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Season Stats, Take 2

So borrowing yesterday's nifty little chart didn't work so well - it is, after all, difficult to make accurate comparisons when you start with inaccurate numbers.  Unfortunately for me, once I get to thinking about something I tend to stick with it, no matter how much it annoys everyone around me and how many other things I should be doing with my time.  And after realizing the issues with yesterday's chart of season stats, I just had to know the accurate breakdown of player contributions to team totals.

So here are accurate breakdowns, using player stats from for every guy who contributed in the boxscore this year.  It was getting way too messy to follow in one, big composite chart, so instead you get a ton of smaller pie charts.  And I also included a per36 breakdown of every stat for comparison.  I mean, it's great to know exactly how much Ben and Derrick had to carry the team overall, but using season totals minimizes the contributions of guys who didn't get to play anywhere near 82 games in a Bulls uni, no matter the reason.  Also, to make things a little less messy, I just combined Noc, Drew, Thabo, and Larry into one composite "Guys Traded Away" entity - I needed their stats to make the percentages accurate, but do we really care much about them individually now that they're all playing elsewhere?  Same deal for the end of the bench guys - their individual stats just weren't significant enough to show up in a pie chart.

Unfortunately, I've been having trouble getting the charts in here as images, and my enthusiasm for this project has now run its course.  (Not to mention that it's Mother's Day, and my mother doesn't seem to see my spending time on BaB as a good way to demonstrate my devotion to her.  Silly mother!)  So all you get is a link to a word doc, if you want to go look at the charts.  There are a few interesting things there - but most of all, I have done my best to atone for introducing false information into the BaB community.  ;)

Bulls Comparative Season Contributions, 08-09 Regular Season