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Bulls 113, Sixers 99: Actually impressed

The Sixers aren't a great team, but they're a team that's pretty good, and playing for something. So for the Bulls to not only beat them this soundly,  but look good doing it...

Well, it doesn't mean that much, actually. But it could mean that if they play like that (outside of the Gray-Miller frontcourt twin towers stretch) in a playoff game they could win it. Or get it close enough to where it's exciting and then they do the usual things they do to blow it. But that's a rosier picture than the 4-games-of-pain scenario I've already nightmared up in my head.

Derrick Rose looked like he was in supreme command offensively, attacking the Sixers and drawing the defense, making passes (and Brad Miller with extra passes) to wide open shooters. And in transition he had several impressive drives to the rim. 

Tyrus Thomas got to the line 14 times and hit all 14. That's something he's always done well, a PF too quick for most to guard, and as long as he's only on the edge of control and not out of control, guys have to foul him. To the point where he gets 14 attempts is not normal, but it's usually reachable. 

Their best defense was taking control of the ball, as without TOs to run on the Sixers cannot do much offensively. While they were pushed around a bit in the first quarter to dig a double digit deficit, the Bulls eventually took over with a great offensive show. And while it wasn't some appearance of an actual offensive scheme, it was guys passing when they should instead of shooting, and I consider that improvement.