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Bulls 110, Knicks 103

There was one nice stretch in the 4th, when Vinny abandoned the 3 (small) guard lineup to put Salmons in for Gordon, and the Bulls went on a 15-0 run (off several turnovers).

Then, of course Vinny 'rode the hot hand', which is just a retro-justification to say he wanted to play Hinrich and Miller a bunch and did so. The game got closer but the lead was never lost, and while I was doing my usual sad sack routine thinking of our coach, I figured at least they were playing the sorry quitting Knicks who'd mess up any chance to get back in. A couple key blocks from Tyrus helped.

Besides that stretch though, I really thought it was a fairly terrible game, especially defensively. They were over-helping (a lot of times perhaps justified due to all the tiny lineups) and leaving shooters open, and I though Thomas and Noah were way to easily pushed around by a Knicks frontcourt that isn't too bulky themselves. Does that mean Vinny should try Rose/Gordon/Hinrich/Salmons with Aaron Gray at the end of a half? (no, no it doesn't)

But Hinrich's shooting kept them in the game, and helped huge in that stretch in the 4th. He was doing a lot of Hinrich things I usually don't like (for instance, the crossover and jump shot with 20 seconds on the clock), but the shots were going in. 3-6 from three was huge as well. 

But man, there were times where a combination of small ball and, er, the entire lack of defensive scheme and execution that we've seen all season, where the Knicks could score way too easily. There had to be 6 alley-oops. 

It just felt worse because the Knicks didn't look like they wanted to be there, yet they not only hung around but had the lead in the 4th. Hughes and Duhon both stunk up the joint, so that was nice.