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Have the Bulls given up on Tyrus Thomas?

Remember that in February, this was someone that The Org. was debating sending away for Amare Stoudemire. Or at least we were debating it.

I thought that the 3 big shots in the overtime of Game One meant a step up for him, but after 5 games:

Game One (overtime): 28 minutes 
Game Two: 20 minutes, sat nearly entire final 9
Game Three: 27 minutes, with last 7 being garbage time.
Game Four (2 overtimes): 39 minutes, sat final 4:30 outside of a couple defensive posessions, and sat both overtimes.
Game Five (overtime): 27 minutes, played last 24 seconds of overtime but sat the preceding  18 minutes.


So much for the development of Tyrus Thomas. Or at least the trust in that development. He's had some fantastic stretches of play this season, but if he can't get the trust of the coaching staff for these games, especially down the stretch, than how much has he really improved? 

Before the season I had really thought that whatever happened with Thomas, we'd at least know if he'd prove worth keeping. Either he'd take that step and become the team's power forward of the future (and present), or continue with his constant battle for minutes and steady production. And if it was the latter, it'd mean 3 years of it, and that it would suggest it's never going to happen. At least not in the best-case breakout that his talent suggests.

Remember, this whole debate over Tyrus playing in the playoffs was being said in the series against Detroit in his rookie season. And while he's doubled his playoff minutes since then, it doesn't feel like things have changed much.

But I don't feel the way I thought I would about it, which was ready to give up. Because he still shows that he can play, and it's just a coaching decision not to.

Then again, he's not exactly dominating Glenn Davis either. 

And if he can't do that, or is held back in the opportunity to do so, this summer looks like the time to deal him. This team needs an upgrade, the 4 is the position for it, and the Bulls don't look like they're waiting for Thomas to make it himself.