No Further Action Against Rondo

[Well, apparently the league can't figure out their own rule on flagrants. I never thought a suspension was necessary or likely, but they could've retroactively called that a flagrant foul with no consequence except maybe some form of actual correctness. But it's over now, all that matters from the Bulls standpoint is winning the series, other extracurriculars like this won't be remembered for very long. For instance, KG has always been a jackass. But he once was a jackass who won, now he's just a jackass who can't even play. The difference is the winning, not whether or not he's a self-parody. That was always the case. I'll now save the rest of my cheap shots at the Celtics and their fans in the comments. -ed.] Seriously? Gotta love the one comment. " good...hope the refs keep the bulls in check…think the bulls will be chippy" Maybe the refs should keep your dirty ass players in check. I really think I hate all Boston fans.