The Aftermath of "Game" 3

Okay I've calmed down a bit.
I realize the series is still far from over.
The Bulls still have a shot to pull this off.

In a way I'm kinda glad what happened tonight happened.

The Bulls have been through a crazy past week.
They really think they were a great team who could go all the way.
Which they can, but only if they give 180%.
Anything less will result in a lost.

I think with them having the C's on the ropes and then all the injuries they thought they could just go home and give a meh performance and win. Well guys, no you can't.

And the Bulls seem to have a really poor shooting night as a team every seven games or so. As you would expect with a jump shooting team. This was one of those nights. It appeared as if none of them could throw a rock into the ocean. Better this happens in Game 3 as opposed to Game 6 or 7.

In Game 4 we need:

Some intensity from Derrick. He's been pretty passive since Game 1. It's almost like "okay I proved my point, now let's let my teammates score." He needs to realize he is by far our best player. And he needs to take over.

Tyrus and Noah need to be active. With Boston having so few big men left, not to mention they're all fat pieces of crap/really old/really white (I'm looking at you Scalabrine), we need to make them run and get them in foul trouble. If we force them to play Paul at the 4, we're in good shape.

Kirk Hinrich and Brad Miller have to do something. Our bench should be miles better then the Boston bench. Hinrich and Miller should be > Mikki Moore, Tony Allen, Eddie House, Stephon Marbury. Before Derrick came around Hinrich was a huge factor on the team. So what the hell is going on?
I'm still amazed at the amounts of time I saw Marbury get by Hinrich, who is supposedly a great defender. Stephon freakin Marbury. We need something out them. They can't just come in and play "quality" minutes aka don't do anything, but don't screw up minutes. We need to see them take full advantage of the Boston scrubs when they're out there.

Last but not least. John Salmons needs to learn how to play in the flow of our offense again.
He's starting to do what Gooden and Noch did before we shipped them out. Every couple possessions or so, it becomes a John Salmons possession. He takes the ball and we essentially run an isolation for him and let him play with the ball and "create" his own shot. This does not work. I understand he's trying to tire out Pierce by making him play some defense, but he should know he doesn't need to ball to make Pierce work. Run around through picks and screens instead. By having these Salmons possessions in ruins the Bulls offense flow. They need to stop.

I hope this serves as a massive wake-up call to a young team who needs to realize they need to bring the effort every night, if they want a chance to win this series.

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