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Waiting on game 3...

I'll be Lovin' it Live tonight, wearing red (business casual, naturally), and I cannot wait. Anyone who thinks it's better to be a lottery team than a first round loser hasn't been to a playoff game.

Alright, maybe the same excitement isn't shared in, say, Detroit. But for Bulls fans it's been officially declared after two games: this series is entirely winnable. I don't see the Bulls rolling tonight simply because they're at home, but it'd be awesome if it happened: a runnin' rollin' stompin' of this old and/or fat Celtics team in front of a crowd that actually gets excited for something other than Big Macs. (It's the playoffs, after all)

And the actual in-game excitement (I save my reservations about 'on the rise'-ness for the off days...or, right after Vinny does something dumb, whatever) is further accentuated by an extreme dislike of the Celtics. So the C's fans hate Noah? Fine: Perkins and Davis more than make up for it from my end, with the cherry on top being the preening braying jackass known as KG. Mugging like he knows a camera is on him at all times. Might as well give him a fake bloody sock like another Boston hero.

May the Bulls start and stay so hot that his faux-tough mannerisms look even sillier, to the point where he has to stay into the locker room after halftime, and is then assaulted by Davis when he finds out KG raided the post-game spread. Though that'd be the only story to top the one about the Bulls taking command of this series.