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Interesting bloggers take on Rajon Rondo's defense

Not once, but twice:

Red's Army:

Rajon Rondo is the most important proponent to Boston’s chances of cutting off Chicago’s penetration effectively. Our third-year point guard is known for making spectacular defensive plays, but he is also known as a guy that has the tendency to get caught up in the gambling game at times. In this series, Rondo needs to make sure he uses his tremendous gifts of speed and anticipation to his advantage, by staying in front of his man as opposed to attempting to create the “home run” fast break opportunity.


Rose scares me. I think Rondo is a very good defensive player, but I think his ability to keep quick guards in front of him is a little over-rated — it’s why he resorts to trying to poke the ball away from behind so often.

Go Derrick Go.

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