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Bulls control destiny for playoff seed tonight

A similar situation happened a couple years ago, with the Bulls needing a win in New Jersey to get the 2nd seed (and a far easier half of the playoff bracket) and 50 wins on the season. They lost.

I'm not quite sure what is the better matchup for the Bulls between Boston and Orlando. They're both disciplined, physical, and have really good defenses. That is not good for the Bulls. You can make a case that Boston has a hobbled KG and turns over the ball a lot, which could help the Bulls run. Or Orlando don't have the 'aura' (with help of the refs) that the Celtics do, and the Bulls would have more confidence against them.

But I actually agree with VDN:

"We haven't played great against either one all year," Del Negro said. "They're both going to be difficult matchups."

Asked if he finally would reveal his preferred matchup once the Bulls know their opponent, Del Negro smiled.

"Some high school team or something," he said.

As far as tonight goes, no doubt whatever their preffered opponent, they're playing to win. So unlike 2 years ago, it'd be nice if they did it.