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Bulls 91, Pistons 88: Bulls prove they're more talented than yet another Eastern Conference team

I was only able to half-watch this one, unfortunately, because I'd like to know how my predecieved notions (as Vinny would say) jive with only allowing 32 second-half points to the Pistons Monday night. My recently developed 3-pointers = only way to win theory didn't work out either, as they were 5-16 from behind the line.

What I did see were some great clutch baskets from Derrick Rose and Ben Gordon, Brad Millers' redass-ness allowing Tyrus and Noah to man the middle to end the game, and lots of terrible officiating. Absolutely loved that the starters were out there to finish the game, and they did the job. Hope to see it again.

Yes, I would have liked to have seen Rose initiate the Bulls final posession instead of giving it to Gordon in isolation. But luckily Prince is just not quick enough, and as a famous quote from the RealGM board goes: "Ben Gordon is a bundle of muscle and clutch. That's all he's made of. Drink BG7 energy drink, you'll grow a pair of balls on your balls."

A road win is big. A win against a pretty talented team is big. Not having to play LeBron and 3 referees is big. It's an unrecoverable problem that the Bulls are not more talented than Boston or Orlando (and not only don't have the coaching to make up for it, but only make the gap wider), but I'd rather take this group against either than what I've seen from the Pistons, Sixers, or Heat recently.