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Heat 130, Bulls 127 (2OT): oof

Unfortunately this is more of a stub than a full recap. I was able to watch the second half and both OTs, but could only pay 70% attention.

I didn't think it was possible to lose when you had the ball with 10 seconds and the game tied, but there you go. And better yet: since it was Wade, I've now seen the replay about 500 times of the buzzer-beater even while trying to avoid it. Fitting on a night where Wade got all the calls Rose and Gordon couldn't.

And I suppose one lesson is that we can't single out Gordon as the only one who misses late game attempts (Rose), or kills the team with key TOs (Salmons). It'd also be nice if actual plays were run in those extra periods.

Again, I didn't watch this well enough to put some overlying reason for a Bulls loss, perhaps they never should've even been in it except for an unconscious 4th quarter from Ben Gordon (with every elating moment followed by the immediate stomach-punch feeling realizing how unlikely it'll be he returns next season...). Perhaps I'll just stick with the percentages and blame it on Vinny.

I would've picked many ways for this loss to come before getting the Wade-star-moment after the Bulls-ineptitude catalyst, that's for sure.

Man, and there's an off day tomorrow too...