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Bobcats 96, Bulls 80: Well, there goes that

My post-deadline hopes of reaching the 6th or 5th seed are over, and even making the playoffs seems far-fetched, if not pointless anyway.

It's not just odd rotations (has to be told to play Rose, then insists he's in charge) that are hurting Del Negro. After the deals they have a fairly stacked roster (certainly compared to the Bucks, Knicks, Nets, etc.), but clearly the Bulls are inconsistent bad because they’re not being coached.

They can’t even figure out who to give the ball to when going up the floor. Rose either gets it off of a make or instead runs and stands outside the 3-point line, waiting for the 'my turn' offense to get to his spot on the wheel. And on defense: nobody talks, and then they switch to the zone which just gives them more reason to stand still.

So unless someone has a transcendent performance, or everyone's hitting shots, they'll lose. And they have enough talent to win games they shouldn't (they'll probably kill the Warriors at home tonight), just not enough cohesion to get the type of streak together that'd actually give them some life above the rest of this Eastern Conference dreck. So that's where they stay, until they fire Vinny 20 games into next season.