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Vinny's 4th quarter explained

Neither John Salmons nor Joakim Noah played the entire 4th quarter or overtime in Sunday's loss to the Raptors. 

KC with the story (though not in his game story which is focused on Rose missing a layup that would not have automatically won the game since there were 8 seconds left...):

Salmons had played 39 or more minutes in seven straight games but sat the entire fourth and overtime and played just 30:36 because a sore groin he's been battling never loosened.

Del Negro also defended his decision to play Joakim Noah just 19 seconds after the third quarter despite Noah scoring 16 points.

"We scored 42 in the fourth, so we had a nice rhythm," Del Negro said. "I'm not going to break the rhythm to get guys minutes."

Well, a new period can break the rhythm too, but it's age-old coach-y dumbness that says you have to lose with the guys who brought you there.

I have no doubt Vinny will find ways, explainable (if you buy the rhythm explanation in the first place. Obviously having Salmons injured causes problems...but how about going big - or just not 'going Hinrich' - for once?) or not,  to play Miller and Hinrich down the stretch in the playoffs. And since they're going to lose playoff games anyway, it'll tick me off.