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Quick word on watching the development of Derrick Rose

Didn't catch much of Saturday's romp over New Orleans, but with Rose only shooting 2-9 from the field (no FTAs either) it didn't look like he sustained whatever he showed the night before in Philly.

And even in that game, Rose couldn't convert on a late-game possession, getting his shot blocked by Sam Dalembert. Gordon followed with a rimmed-out 3-pointer, at least ensuring that no matter who got the ball in the final seconds of a close game, a real play would not be run.

But that failed conversion by Rose reminded me how ambivalent I am in assessing game-by-game (let alone by play) performances by him. In my mind, he can do no wrong.

And that's not that he's not doing wrong. It's that his path to stardom is so important, that if he can't get there everything's so screwed it's too depressing to consider. So I choose to believe everything's going great and he can't be screwed up. Luckily he has his better moments like in the 4th quarter against Philly that reinforce the idea of a can't-fail prospect.

If I were more nervous about Rose and his rookie season, it'd be a bit more worrisome that he seems no better than when he began his year, and production-wise he's actually worse.

Instead I'll figure not even an Org. that practices trashing more times than developing, or a coach that can use Tim Thomas to strip Tyrus Thomas of minutes can screw Derrick Rose up. I almost feel I have to believe that, because everything else is so screwed up (if you can't win a road game, you're not inconsistent, you're bad) that it'd be too much to extend it to Rose as well.