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Bulls 107, Hornets 93: Bulls starters better than Hornets MASH unit

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I still think it's mostly due to injury than enlightenment, but for whatever reason Vinny stuck by Rose/Gordon/Deng/Thomas/Noah, I'm happy about it.

It was pretty evident early that the Hornets had little chance with no Paul or Chandler, and were especially woeful on defense, but I still pretended that instead of an outgunned opponent, that it was the not-to-distant-future and this would be the vision of them against good teams.

Not a perfect game, there was a bit of a lull in the 2nd half (the bench didn't really do much this game) and the way Vinny fawns over 'Kurt' Hinrich and Drew Gooden still gives me pause. But with Rose, Thomas, and Noah all looking great...that's pretty much what I need to enjoy myself watching this team.

Not that I still don't want trades. Oh how I want a trade. I thought for sure Hughes would be gone a couple weeks ago, and instead the rumors have gone silent. But I don't have complete trade-lust, maybe instead just mess with those bench guys.